Family Camp 2

With fun for the whole family, Family Camp is an all-inclusive vacation with a purpose.


Aug. 1 - 4

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All ages

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Adult - $220/170, Youth - $145/120, 0-4 - $70/55



With fun for the whole family, Family Camp is a great summer memory you can share. It’s an adventure waiting to happen for the whole family! Our camp is like a mini-vacation where everything is taken care of for you!

Consider Family Camp a relaxed, all-inclusive mini-vacation with planned activities, supervised care for the little ones, excellent chapel sessions, and everything is planned for you….no thinking for mom or dad! We anticipate your needs and make it stress-free!

Family Camp is a tradition for many young families. It’s affordable. It’s relevant. It’s effective. It has a purpose. You’ll leave our Family Camp with memories of great fun, shared experiences, feeding for your hearts, and our goal — closer together than when you arrived.